The Great Wool Soaker Parade
I've tried to compile links to as many patterns as possible for wool soakers, longies or anything else that might be adapted to soakers. If you know of a pattern I've forgotton, please let me know so I can add it in. Also, I will try to get permission to link to pages that require that, but if I've linked to your page and that's not alright with you, please let me know. Also, if you have any pics of your soakers that you would like to be included, please let me know.

Knitted In The Round
Knitted Flat
Triangular Soaker
Hosted on Yahoo! Wool Soaker Group
Pics of Soaker


Traditional Soakers
Punk Knitters soaker
Tiny Bird's Soaker, sz lg
1932 Ribbed Soaker
Ottobre Soaker (pdf)
Curly Purly or pdf version with waistband
& Fern & Faerie Free Soaker
Striped Infant Set
Good Housekeeping Soaker (pdf)
Knit Baby Ensemble
Diaper Covers
(I think) Footed Leggings (pdf)
Jane of the Jungle (bikini, use the bottoms)
 Waffle Trim Baby Ensemble
Jean's Triangle Soaker
Fiona's Friends Soaker
Down Under Diaper Cover Pattern
 Knicker Soakers
Tiny Bird's Redux
Elizabeth's Soaker
Stephanie's Extra Chunky Wool Soaker 
& Jenifer's Soaker
Theresa's Flat Knit Soaker
Heather's Toddler Flat Wool Soaker
Warm Heart Woolies Trim Soaker $4
Warm Heart Woolies Flat Trim Soaker $4
Dandelion Dreamers Knit Soaker $10
Wooly Wonder basic soaker $14
Wooly Wonder Everlasting WonderSoaker $14
Wooly Wonder Faux Cable Soaker $14
Ecoyarns Small Knitted Soaker AU$2.50
Ecoyarns Large Knitted Soaker AU$2.50
Little Tutle Knits Original Soaker $8
Little Tutle Knits Hybrid Rib Soaker $13
Glasgow Rose Soaker $18
Tea Rose Soaker $8
Vintage Soaker & Longies $1.50 & $3
Tiny Birds Felted Soaker $5
Fern & Fairie Knitted Soakers & Pants pattern download $15
Fern & Fairie Knitted Soakers & Pants pattern booklet $15.60

Shorties and Longies
Aubrey Doodlepants Longies
 Tiny Bird's Longies
 Blu - Baby Jeans
Cargo Pants
& Granny Smith Ensemble
 Happy Baby Ensemble
 Sweater, Leggings & Booties
& Baby Leggings (snaps at crotch)
 Baby Set
Lea's Longies
 GarnetStudio Knit Trousers
GarnetStudio Knit Longies
  GarnetStudio Knit Longies #2
  GarnetStudio Knit Overalls
GarnetStudio Knit Longies #3
  GarnetStudio Knit Longies #4
  GarnetStudio Knit Longies #5
  GarnetStudio Knit Longies #6
  GarnetStudio Knit Longies #7
  GarnetStudio Knit Shorts
  GarnetStudio Knit Longies #8
  GarnetStudio Knit Longies #9
  GarnetStudio Knit Longies #10
  GarnetStudio Knit Longies #11
  GarnetStudio Knit Longies #12
  GarnetStudio Knit Longies #13
  GarnetStudio Knit Longies #14
Heather's Footed Longies 
Valerie's Leggings 
Monika's Shorts with Ruffles 
Elizabeth's Leggings
Wooly Wonders Perfection Pants $14
Wooly Wonders WonderShorts and WonderPants $14
Wooly Wonders WonderFaux Sporty Pants $14
Fern & Faerie Knitted Tights & Footed Pants pattern download $15
Fern & Faerie Knitted Tights & Footed Pants pattern booklet $15.60
Knitting Pure & Simple Baby Bottoms $4
Oat Couture - Snowbird Suit $4.50
Oat Couture Pattern Malibu T-Shirt & Shorts $4.50
Little Tutle Knits Picky Pants $13
Little Tutle Knits Longies $10

Wrap Soakers ( )
Wam Heart Woolies Plain Wrap (pdf)
Victoria's Wrap soaker 
Jen Wrap (modified from Victoria's wrap)
Knit Conversion of Tabitha's wrap
Fern & Faerie Knitted Wool Wraps pattern download $15
Fern & Faerie Knitted Wool Wraps pattern booklet $15.60
Little Tutle Knits Ribby Wrap $13

 Hanna's Onesie (pdf)
& Hugs & Kisses Overalls
 Miny Sleeper
 Plaid Baby Set Romper (pdf)
Dandelion Dreamers Knit Sleepy Sack $10
Little Turtle Knits Flirty Skirty & Undersoaker $13


Traditional Soakers
Crochet Baby Boy Layette
Baby Girl Sleeper Set
Crochet Baby Pants (pdf)
Baby Overalls
Going Home Outfit II
Footed Pants
Infant Jogging Suit
Little Boy Blue - Preemie Long Pant Suit
Little Boy in Blue Outfit (pdf)
Lollipop Romper (leave top off)
Marilyn's Bubble Suit (leave top off)
Newborn Romper (leave top off)
Spring Baby Outfit
Stripe up the Band
Good Housekeeping Soaker (pdf)
Baby Rompers (leave "shirt" part off)
Baby Sweater Set
Crochet Soaker
Nise's Crocheted Soaker Pattern
Wooly Britches
Bean's Crocheted Soaker
Anita's Crochet Ribbed soaker
Mother's Helping Hand 
Dandelion Dreamers Soaker $10
Dandelion Dreamers Skooter Skort Extension $6
Ladybugz Peppermint Soaker $10 (Click on Patterns)
Ladybugz Carnation Soaker $10 (Click on Patterns)
New Life Woolens Simple Ribbed Soaker $10
New Life Woolens Pants and Shorts $15
Shana's New Life Woolens Skort $13

Courtney's Crochet Longies
Drawstring Baby Pants
Dandelion Daydreamers shorts/longies
Ladybugz Morning Glory Longies $12 (Click on Patterns)
Ladybugz DragonFly Longie $12 (Click on Patterns)
Ladybugz Forget me Knot Capri $12 (Click on Patterns)

Wrap Soakers
Tabitha's Crochet Wrap Soaker
Tickle Turdle Wool Wrap

Dandelion Dreamers Sleepy Soaker Sack

Wool Wrap
Wrap Diaper Cover
Miala Diaper Cover
Easterbunz Diaper Cover
New Conceptions Diaper Covers $12.95
Very Baby Snug Wrap Cloth Diaper Cover $8.95
Very Baby Side Snap Cloth Diaper Cover $8.95
Diaper Covers Deluxe Cloth Diaper Cover $12.95

Bum Sweaters / Longies
Born to Love "bum sweater"
Sweater Pants
Bum Wrap Butt Sweater Longies
Wool Sweater Soaker
Cyndiegran's Butt Sweater Directions

Crocheted Built-In Drawstring 
Flower Whimsies
Crochet Star Whimsies
Crochet Balls & Tassels